This area is a work in progress.

This is where you will find useful links concerning writing, English language literature, and anything else that I find useful.

Let me know if you think something should be posted here!


Writing Resources

Write on by Kindle – Amazon supported writers’ community

Understanding Literature

Shmoop! – Study guides, lessons, content breakdown, and more for literature and many other subjects.

Spark Notes – not just flash cards; breaks down content into manageable nuggets for your brain.

eNotes – Similar to Shmoop and Spark Notes – A study aid for literature and other subject, unlike the other links, this one requires a subscription for full lesson access.

Books, Novels, General Literature

Project Gutenberg – Free and Public Domain eBooks and some audiobooks of the literary classics

American Literature – access free classic American literature

Planet eBook – Over 80 free classic eBooks

Bartleby – Fabulous resource for free access to literature

LibriVox – Free audiobooks for public domain books and poetry readings


Poetry Foundation – Invaluable resource for reading and researching poetry and poets

Academy of American Poets – Fantastic resource for poetry and poets

Bartleby’s Anthologies of Poetry

Library of Congress’ List of Poetry Audio Recordings Online Resources

List of Poetry Journals, Magazines, and Projects

Short Stories

East of the Web – resource for free short stories

365 Tomorrows – Original Sci-Fi short stories – Submissions welcomed!

Foreign Language

DuoLingo – Learn a foreign language for free

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