Knight of the Lord

Sing, the winds of history
The nights of past have a story
They speak tales of discontent and discord
Of those who brandished spear and sword
In the land of the castle and lord

The night, how she was still
The folk, how they feared
How the scream rang, so shrill
Horses spooked, reared
Alerted, the watch sprang into action
Alarmed, the people prayed in reaction

The beast, the beast is among us!
Cacophony and uproar, din and ruckus
Thus chanted the choir of chaos
Forewarning insurmountable loss

The captain, the captain is coming!
Steed and steel of daunting black
The protector of the people is most welcoming
He will champion the peace back

In the forest, dark and dreary
He rode alone, armor clad and leery
Growl and bite, the beast doth began the fight
Clang and tremor, witnesses would later remember
The captain, knight of the lord
Won that night with his trusty sword

Thus sang the echoes of memory
About this tale of bravery


About C. Feallsanach

I am philosopher at heart. I am bursting with ideas and inquisitions. Reality exists in the blurred expanse betwixt the lines of black and white for me. I am far from traditional. Though, I fall far from the vocation of sage, I thirst for all edifying wisdom. My life's mission is to aid, support, and (when possible) facilitate the advancement, evolution, and development of humankind and civilization. I always welcome stimulating dialogue.
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