This computer o’ mine
I built it, top o’ the line
Assembly was toil and trouble
It took me an hour or double

I had saved and penny-pinched
When it came time,
Spending was a cinch
For I had already planned each dime

The data processor, I did squeal
It runs like Hermes
At digital speeds so surreal
With info that could fill the seas!

Of course, the graphics processor
Gave me images like
Aphrodite Let me be the confessor
That this clarity is almighty!

None too late is it that I mention
That the pretension of this pseudo-invention
Is my obsession with the aim
To spend my life playing this video game!


About C. Feallsanach

I am philosopher at heart. I am bursting with ideas and inquisitions. Reality exists in the blurred expanse betwixt the lines of black and white for me. I am far from traditional. Though, I fall far from the vocation of sage, I thirst for all edifying wisdom. My life's mission is to aid, support, and (when possible) facilitate the advancement, evolution, and development of humankind and civilization. I always welcome stimulating dialogue.
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